We have partnered with Westpac’s Davidson Institute to create a free Financial Literacy Program for refugees.

We recognise that superannuation, tax, contracts, banks and everything in between are challenging for everyone, but for people who are refugees, financial literacy has its own unique challenges.

In two months we have delivered the session to over 120 refugees, who all felt their financial literacy improved, and achieved 100% advocacy. 

To learn more about our Financial Literacy Program please click here.

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Our Education Initiative was developed to address the lack of education provided by Immigration Detention Centres. The initiative involves the provision of educational resources for adult and child detainees, the running of one-on-one supportive tutorials for those in Villawood Immigration Detention Centre and helping to extend and enhance detainees' grasp of the English language. 

We also provide one on one English tutoring and mentoring, our tutoring and mentoring sessions are focused on building relationships and ‘conversational’ English.

This initiative has further grown to include the provision of school uniforms, stationary, textbooks and toys to children who attend school whilst living in Villawood Immigration Detention Centre. These resources are intended to address the vast inequalities between child detainees and their fellow school pupils. 



We partnered with a group of Australian mothers to collect 1,951 baby carriers and send them to a refugee charity in Athens. These carriers were distributed to Syrian refugees fleeing across Greek borders and helped keep families together.



Most Australian schools have implemented a Bring Your Own Device policy, placing refugee and asylum seeker students at a disadvantage since many do not own laptops and must rely on school resources, which are often scarce and in demand.

We facilitated the donation of laptops from students with their own devices to students without, assisting all to participate together and with the same technology.



We worked with people from the advertising industry to deliver a national poster campaign that demonstrates asylum seekers are people with courage, humility, and the ability like all of us, to contribute greatly to Australian society.


#UOWLostchildren: i am a boat person x amnesty international uow

The #UOWLostChildren event was held at the University of Wollongong on Monday 27th of April 2015, and was organised by Communications Manager Gemma Jamison and Amnesty International UOW Club President Maddie Burkitt in response to Amnesty International's Australia-wide Lost Children campaign. In order to generate understanding and educate UOW students and staff about the immigration issue and asylum seekers in Australia, we created a playful 'lunchtime at school' environment where the ultimate aim was to create self reflection about how most Aussie kids get to make positive memories, and that we all need to recognise the privilege and freedom that made those memories possible.  We set-up three stations at the event in order to create this experience.

1) The Nostalgia Canteen, where we let participants create their own ‘school canteen’ style packed lunch full of LCMS, Fantales, Minties, Muesli bars, Maggi noodles, and Zappos.

2) The Memory Station, where we asked participants to fill out one of our ‘Childhood Memory’ forms with textas and glitter pens, then stick it to our memory wall.

3) The Impact Station, where we asked participants to sign an Amnesty petition asking the Australian government to release all children from immigration detention, and where we set up a sample ‘Back to School’ pack which IAABP would donate to kids in community detention in NSW.

We received a very positive response. At the end of the day we had almost 100 memory forms filled out, 5 pages of Amnesty petition signatures, our school canteen had been well and truly raided, and we had had countless valuable conversations about refugees and policy throughout the day. 


hsc textiles student donation


Through visits to Villawood Detention Centre we got to know a family whose young children were attending the local public school in Villawood. One of these children, a bright young woman currently studying for her HSC, was struggling to meet the demands of her HSC Textiles course due to limited access to a sewing machine outside of school hours. This problem occurred as a result of the return of school students from school environments immediately following 3pm to within detention centre compounds, meaning that the 2-4 hours per week she had in class was the only time in which she could complete her project. The HSC is a critical step towards a successful, meaningful adult life; giving her the best chance she could get at achieving a great mark was our ultimate goal. Thanks to our members and sponsors, we were able to purchase a Janome sewing machine for the student, and member Conor was delivered the machine in time for the completion of her HSC.


i am a boat person X westpac christmas campaign


Westpac HR Shared Services brought joy to families living in Villawood Community Detention Centre. Gifts were hand-selected and funded by the lovely Westpac employees. IAABP Director Daniel Heycox played Santa and delivered the trunk-load of presents to the centre, and gifts were then distributed by community leaders close with the kids at Villawood, both young and old. 




We developed our Visual Petition as a solidarity movement in order to unite Australians with refugees and asylum seekers. It's purpose was to promote understanding and acceptance between both parties and initiate a conversation on the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia. Whether you're a boat person, plane person, or were born here, at the end of the day we are all persons and all deserve equal human rights.

You can still join the petition, download a pdf version of our sign here

You can then email your picture to 



1. Managing Director, Daniel Heycox, named in Cleo Magazine’s 30 under 30 Australians, in June 2015.

2. First refugee charity in Australia to officially endorse Marriage Equality.

3. Selected to be archived in Pandora – Australia’s digital archive dedicated to the long term access to Australian publications of national significance.

4. Project Manager, Heather Miller, named Auburn’s 2016 Woman of the Year.