Our Top Ten Moments of 2014

1. When I Am A Boat Person became an official charity!

2. When we declared our New Years Resolutions, which we still stand by.

3. When we delivered a boot-load of gifts to refugees in Villawood Immigration Detention Centre with the help of Westpac HR Shared Services.

4. When we were part of the people power that made up the massive March in March 2014, and we protested the Australian government's treatment of asylum seekers.

5. When we stood in awe and pride as part of the #illridewithyou response to the Sydney Siege.

6. When we stood by Australia's indigenous peoples in disgust as our Prime Minister belittled the First Nations.

7. When we marched with over 400 people in Cronulla in a symbolic rejection of Scott Morrison's Immigration policies. 

8. When we said 'Welcome to Australia!' with Andrew O'Keefe and former (fictional) refugee Superman.

9. When Director Daniel prepared a Package of Hope to bring to some of the detainees in Villawood Immigration Detention Centre.

10. When the Mayor of Moreland was an absolute Boss and stood up for her electorate's right to welcome and embrace refugees.