Linda Simpson- Compassionate Country

I Am A Boat Person is proud to be able to share the message of supporter Linda Simpson , who has written a heartfelt song describing the experience of refugees coming to Australia and the hopes she has for the future of her country; a compassionate future. 

Below are the lyrics and video to 'Compassionate Country'. Many thanks to Linda for sharing her work with us. 

The Hidden Truth Behind Australia's Offshore Asylum Policy


Compassionate Country © 2014

You sailed across the ocean to find a new life start anew.
You’re greeted with suspicion then thrown in detention too.
The Government’s gone mad in a world full of fear.
But I want you to know that you’re welcome right here.
And I want a compassionate country. 

Left one kind of hell for another on island Nauru.
Your family had been killed so you fled what’s a poor boy to do?
Will the tears of the many make up for the few?
Whose hearts clenched in anger make them bitter and blue.
And I want a compassionate country. 

Is it so hard to imagine the pain and the fear?
That drove them from home all the way over here.
The killings, the torture, the beatings, the rape.
To risk all on a leaky boat just to try and escape.
And I want a compassionate country. 

Locked up don’t know how long for no crime in a living hell hole.
We treat murderers better they have chance at an early parole.
Now you die of neglect from those with no souls.
Obsessed with their fears and their meaningless polls.
And I want a compassionate country. 

Imprisoned on an island a pawn in a game.
A warning to others who might try the same.
But the people have spoken said ‘Not In My Name’.
When humanity is broken we all share the shame.
And I want a compassionate country.





*Disclaimer: the opinions and attitudes of Linda Simpson are not necessarily those of I Am A Boat Person.  

Feature image: Chris Samuel 2011